My Love Affair with Live Music

One day I found myself on a street corner walking to a bar, meeting up with friends on a Friday night in Fort Worth. For a brief moment in time, I felt like I was in a movie as Creed or some similar style song played from a stage across the way. Anyone who knows creed, understands how dramatic their songs are. It was an intense moment obviously, which may be why I remember it so well. I remembered thinking, I want to make people feel like that! At this point in time I wasn’t a live musician. I was barely old enough to drink, though I was in an unbreakable relationship with a Korg Triton. Every day I sat in my room and made music of all different genres for hours.

Fast forward to today. I’m now one of you who help enhance special moments in people’s lives through live music. Having been in a few bands in front of many different audiences, I feel I can bring to life some of the realities of music. I thought it was only the audiences we play for at first, but now I find myself playing for more than only that. At any given show, the sea of eyes and ears lay their burdens down at the door to give us their undivided attention. If you want to dance, we will make you dance. If you want to sing, please sing along with us. Your moments make our moments.

When the cell phones come out because people think you’re worth sharing with their friends, it is indescribable. When people are dancing whether on beat or off, the set goes by so quickly. Too Quickly! The power of live music changes musicians lives and influences the lives of others. It is a freedom and opportunity that everyone inside or out of the industry should cherish.