Only One Word Holds Bands Together…

Leading a band is not always easy. It takes alot of patience, humblenss, persistence, time and listening. Unfortunately many bands at some point forget the most important element. My good friend umm… we’ll just call him Big Mike, knows the industry very well. He helped us get our start by introducing us to his network and also by sharing his knowledge and wisdom. One of our first conversations ended with him saying this “if you don’t listen or hear anything I’m telling you, I want you to listen to one thing…”

The one word all bands need to know is “Fun”. We can get wrapped up in our expecations for perfection sometimes, that we forget what makes us want to our weekend nights. Big Mike also says it’s not the question of if you’re going to mess up, it’s when! The reactions to “surprises” are really what define the culture of a music group.

Band leaders have to recognize when the fun is fading. There’s always the business side of things, but “Fun” is home and it’s to be factored into business decisions throughout the journey. “Fun” starts with the band flows through each and every body that feels the vibes from the stage.