Why You Supporting Local Live Music Matters…

It’s a dream for local bands to be on the national stage, selling out arenas, having top 100 hits, going platinum with an album. Do you know how you can help local artists get that far?

The only way for musicians and artists to make it to the big stage is by you supporting them at the small stage. Sometimes there is no stage and they’re still there to entertain. Sometimes you may have to pay a cover. You never know, just get there! However, what you should know, is that the venue doesn’t make the talent, the talent makes the venue.

All over the country, there are tens of thousands of original hits by God gifted musicians who sacrifice it all to be heard. These songs are not always catchy, flashy, or even super complex. The only way you can hear them and decide for yourself, is by showing up to their next gig.

When it comes to cover bands, they all come in different styles. Some with themes, some with awesome productions, some with awesome sound, entertainment, etc. Most all are different in their own kind of way. To be remembered by you, to also be followed and supported as they try to recreate the tunes you already know.