5 Reasons Why a Musician’s ‘Why’ is Important

Music may be the most powerful language on earth, but why we choose to be apart of it is worth discussing. Here are 5 reasons why your ‘why’ is important to your music career…

1. Without a Why, you won’t last long

When there’s no deeper meaning to why you are in the music business, then you simply won’t make it. It takes drive, sacrifice and determination to endure constant change and challenges.

2. Your ‘Why’ reflects whether you will get better or worse at your craft.

There’s no room for complacency or stagnant motivation in any band. If you aren’t committed to yourself, then you won’t put the time into getting better. If you’re not putting time into getting better always, then you are holding back on your potential and also your group’s.

3. Your ‘Why’ directly effects the chemistry in your group.

Any professional band has learned the importance of chemistry. It’s not if things go wrong, it’s WHEN things go wrong where problems are solved as a group effort. Having a strong commitment to being your best and bettering those around you help a band become more like a family.

4. Your ‘Why’ gets you the gig.

Venues, booking agents and band leaders always have options and it’s often up to you to be considered. People love hungry musicians and artists because they know deep down they are going to give it 100%.

5. Don’t forget your ‘Why’

Whether your ‘why’ is to have fun or go top 40, never lose sight of it. With constant distractions on the path to success, imperative to ground your self on why you’re doing what you do. That will be your center, your reset, your chi, for as long as you use it.