Who actually benefits the most from live music?

We don’t live in a world of silence. Perhaps internally as well as externally. Each day brings challenges of its own for EVERYBODY. During 2020 we’ve had a plethora of distractions and some may say even a virus of negative emotions.

Restaurants, Bars, Music venues, and all the staff of those establishments have been hit the hardest. Musicians have seen their careers evaporate and have had to adapt to make ends meet. There’s been a shift in society and it’s not been favorable to really anyone. However, there’s good news!

Throughout 2020 many musicians have taken to doing live stream events and engaging new audiences online that they wouldn’t have reached before. Audiences were able to tip through mobile cash apps with ease. Your engagement has meant a lot if not almost everything to musicians this year. In fact, it will always mean the most.

Live music is slowly returning and no one is happier than venues and of course musicians. As I pointed out at the beginning of the post, who actually benefits the most from live music?

Remember when I pointed out the negative emotions that we all battle? The person that benefits the most is actually you, the audience. Don’t get me wrong, everyone benefits, but we are there for YOU. We are there to not just suppress the negative emotions and thoughts you carry, but to illuminate the positive ones. The songs that spark happy memories, joyful thoughts, and pushes you to sing along even when you don’t even know the words.

This only works when you show up. The entire industry depends on you showing up. What happens when you do? You feel better, bands put on a better show, and the venue is able to put on another amazing show the next night. All because you came.

Find a show, have a drink with some food, and forget about your cares. We’ll take care of the rest.