Only One Word Holds Bands Together…
Leading a band is not always easy. It takes alot of patience, humblenss, persistence, time and listening. Unfortunately many bands at some point forget the most important element. My good friend umm… we’ll just call him Big Mike, knows the industry very well. He helped us get our start by introducing us to his network and also by sharing his knowledge and wisdom.
My Love Affair with Live Music
One day I found myself on a street corner walking to a bar, meeting up with friends on a Friday night in Fort Worth. For a brief moment in time, I felt like I was in a movie as Creed or some similar style song played from a stage across the way. Anyone who knows creed, understands how dramatic their songs are. It was an intense moment obviously, which may be why I remember it so well. I remembered thinking, I want to make people feel like that! At this point in time I wasn’t a live musician.